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Optia has over 25 years of experience in the optical fibre industry. We have participated in pioneering research related to design and implementation as well as constructing and installing optical fibre technologies. We have participated in creating technologies and the initial production of optical fibres and cables at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin as well as in the processes of drawing the first optical fibres in Poland.


We develop together with industry and keep up to date with all technological advances. Our personnel are experienced and have all the required certificates and authorisations.


We are famous for our punctuality, professionalism and reliability. We are a recognised partner on the market that can be trusted with projects of various scales.


We have the state-of-the-art equipment necessary for specialist operations.


Our specialist resources include the required machines and other devices for optical fibre cable transport, laying and installation.

Currently, we are using chain excavators for fast laying of pipelines beside roads and railway tracks as well as large excavators, mini-excavators and lorries.


Our back-up facilities enable us to implement our projects in a comprehensive and prompt manner.


Our advantages include highly experienced staff, great expertise and correct tools for performing specialist works.


We use microtunneling equipment, efficient specialist compressors and equipment for blowing optical fibres into ducting, optical fibre welding machines and measuring gauges, such as reflectometers for optical fibre attenuation testing and electrical meters for soil resistance or cable insulation testing.


This enables us to ensure the high and repeatable quality of our services.


Such factors as our long-standing experience and numerous implemented projects make us an attractive partner for other companies that employ us to audit their systems. Our certifications include design and the unlimited management of telecommunications works. We also have construction industry certificates enabling us to manage works in the power engineering industry. We are currently in the process of implementing the following certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001, to confirm our high standards in such fields as service quality, health and safety, as well as environmental protection.


During the last two decades, we have implemented many strategic ICT, energy, road and railway projects located all over Poland.


We have a flexible approach to our partners’ needs and are willing to meet the requirements set by our clients. Our use of modern technologies, specialized equipment, our own facilities, as well as our highly qualified employees allows us to implement all projects in a timely manner.


We are involved in comprehensive rebuilding works related to existing infrastructures and adjusting them to optical fibre communication. We participated in the construction of the Lublin Broadband Network and we support telecommunications companies in developing their networks.

  • Construction of a telecommunications network including installation of optical fibre cables all over Poland (over 50 km) – NETIA
  • Rebuilding of the telecommunications network in Lublin, with over 20 km of optical fibre and local cables – ORANGE

Our investment projects in the power industry consist in supplying infrastructure distribution points with energy. We also construct, connect and set street illumination systems. We also install and configure smart illumination systems.

  • Rebuilding of illumination system wiring involving over 30 km by the S17 expressway – tasks no. 4 and 5 – MOTA ENGIL CE

We develop complete systems for road infrastructure purposes. We design and implement projects and carry out control quality. We build process ducting and pipelines, and also connect optical fibre lines. We carry out measurements and quality audits.

  • Construction of an optical fibre ICT and power supply network by the S17 expressway – task no. 1 (over 45 km) – MOTA ENGIL CE + PRDL Lubartów

We modernise and build power supplies, as well as radio communication and optical fibre networks located along railway tracks. We also connect containers with anti-intrusion, fire protection and communication systems, as well as railway platform installations, i.e. information displays and timetable monitoring systems.

  • Construction of an ICT system within the PLK 201 Gdańsk line, over 10 km of pipelines and cables with on-board train radio communication – PKP PLK
  • Construction of the fire alarm system, sound warning system, smoke removal system, fire protection damper control system, anti-intrusion system, access control system, CCTV system, LAN wiring, RTV system, car park supervision system, optical fibre network with secondary ducting (5.5 km), Warsaw, building N of the Polish Parliament Office – WARBUD
  • Construction of a fire alarm system in the LW “Bogdanka” S.A. company’s buildings, i.e. over 2000 detectors with 6 POLON central units and cabling in facilities (over 25 km) as well as routing control cabling (7 km) through the existing and newly built infrastructural ducting – LW “Bogdanka” S.A


Our company implements projects for local and all-Polish companies operating in various industries. Thanks to the highest level of professionalism, we cooperate with them on a permanent basis.


km of optical fibre cables laid


cooperating companies


large investment projects implemented


beginning of our operations


Choosing tried-and-tested providers of cables, pipelines and equipment also influence the high quality of our services. We use cutting-edge technologies and the best components available on the market.

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